Under new Ownership!!!

We are proud and pleased to announce that Monster Action Sports, LLC now owns and operates Monster Mountain. As with every motocross family in Alabama, the Brinkman’s want to wish Andy and Audrey Anderson all the best as they relocate back home to Florida. They are great people and great friends to everyone in the motocross community. They will be sorely missed and will be in everyone’s thoughts every weekend at the Monster.

As Andy is keeping his old number which was the track phone, please note the new numbers. For track information please call Tom at (334)318-8475 or Brenda (334)318-8251. If you don’t get us, leave a message or shoot us a text.

We look forward to serving everyone in the motocross community by focusing on quality and customer service. Stay tuned for more….

Tom Brinkman
Monster Actions Sports, LLC