Hours & Rates

Track Rates (per day)

Practice GP track, pit bike & mini bike track & trails Excludes Main Track


Practice Pit Bike, Mini Bike, and Trails


Practice Pit Area Only. Pit bike track, new mini bike track, trails. No big bikes


* Yes!! Adults can ride the pit bike/mini bike tracks. It is designed for beginner/intermediate riders of all ages. “A” class/expert speeds belong on the big tracks. Please use discretion and give plenty of room for the slower riders.


Open Hours

Main Track

Sat-Sun, 10AM to 4PM
Mon-Fri, Closed

Vintage Track

Sat-Sun, 10AM to 4PM
Mon-Fri, Call to Schedule*

Riding Trails

Sat-Sun, 10AM to 4PM
Mon-Fri, Call to Schedule*

Pit Bike Track
Minibike track

Sat-Sun, 10AM to 4PM
Mon-Fri, Call to Schedule*

Gate Opening Hours


Full Events Schedule

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Most Recent Updates and Schedule Changes

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*Mid-Week Riding available from 10am – 4pm. Excludes Main Track. You MUST call ahead to schedule and be aware that tracks are un-prepped during mid-week.
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Open Dates


Weekends Only

February - March

7 Days a Week

April 1 - Pre-thanksgiving

Weekends Only

Thanksgiving Week

Open All Week

After Thanksgiving - December 24

Weekends Only

December 25

Riding: Closed
Park: Open for Camping

December 26 - Jan 1

Open All Week


Monster Mountain offers over 30 tent and RV camping sites.
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