Last Weekend to Buy Annual Track Memberships at $10 Discount!!!!


Effective November 1st, 2011, Monster Mountain will become a “membership” track. Like AMP MX in Heflin, Alabama and hundreds of other motocross tracks around the country, we are making this change for several key reasons:

– To help defray to tremendous expense involved in owning and operating a major motocross and off-road training and racing facility,

– To help us maintain the customer service excellence you have come to expect at Monster Mountain, and

– To enable us to continue to invest in and grow Monster Mountain to its fullest potential.

Those who have been to Monster Mountain since late May of 2010 know the tremendous investment in time, effort, and money we’ve made to improve virtually everything at Monster. You also know how hard we work to give you the absolute best track possible every time we open the gate. Our commitment to you, the rider, and your family is absolute. For us to continue doing what we’re doing and continue moving Monster Mountain forward, our revenue must match or exceed our expenses. Making the move to a membership track, while not something we want to do, will put us in a position to continue to improve and expand our services and programs at Monster Mountain.

BEENEFITS TO YOU: By becoming a Monster Mountain member, you will be helping support one of the true crown jewels in American motocross. Everyone who sees Monster believes there should be an AMA Outdoor National at Monster Mountain. While that may or may not be a realistic possibility, there are many other good things happening at Monster and many more to come. Your membership helps insure that you continue to have one of the best tracks in North America available to you for both practice and racing.

Monster Mountain “annual members” will benefit by being able to practice at a rate lower than “daily members”.

Monster Mountain members will have access to all four tracks, our trail system, RC car track and facilities on regularly scheduled practice days and for race-related activities on race weekends.

WHAT’S IT GONNA COST? The cost of an annual membership will be $35 for individuals and $70 for families. Family rates apply only to immediate family (i.e. Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter). Vendors will be required to purchase an “annual vendor membership” for $100.

ANNUAL MEMBERS will be able to practice at the “annual member” rate of $20 per day. Non-members cannot practice or train at Monster Mountain. Those who choose not to become annual members can still practice by paying $25 per day to practice –which includes the $5 cost for a one-day membership.

WHAT ABOUT SCHEDULED EVENTS? Racing events already on our calendar will not require a Monster Mountain membership. Those are the:

– CAMS/GCCS Race on October 22nd and 23rd

– CAMS Race on November 19th and 20th

– SECCA Hare Scramble on December 3rd

– SERA Hare Scramble on March 3rd, 2012

INCENTIVE TO SIGN UP EARLY: We are offering a $10 discount for those who sign up between now and October 2nd. Those who sign up by Sunday October 2nd will receive their single rider annual membership for $25, family membership for $60, and/or vendor membership for $90.

We are in the process of designing a new t-shirt for Monster Mountain members. Each member will receive the new t-shirt as part of their membership package.

MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT: As a condition of membership, all members must complete a membership application and sign an Annual Membership Agreement. These forms will be available at the track this weekend (September 17th and 18th) and will be available on our website by September 21st.

SUMMARY: To purchase, maintain, and operate a facility like Monster Mountain involves tremendous expense. While adding the cost of an annual membership is not something we wanted to do, it is absolutely necessary for us to continue to provide the customer service excellence you have come to associate with the new Monster Mountain.

We hope you will agree that keeping Monster Mountain open and helping it prosper is worth the investment.