$2,000 Guaranteed Pro Purse for SE Quad Race!

SE Quads King of the Mountain

ATV racing returns to Monster Mountain in a BIG WAY on Saturday, July 19th when SE QUADS and NMD Services will host the first-ever “King of the Mountain” quad race!

This race was rescheduled from July 21st to September 6th.  Since we moved the date, it is now a “morning race” format.  Go to www.sequads.com for complete event info!

We’ll have the track prepped and looking like it’s an ATV national! Quad riders – SE Quads and NMD Services have posted a $1,000 Pro purse, two $100 Mystery Money Classes, and will have hole shot prizes and more!

The big track will be closed for practice on Saturday the 6th and will reopen on Sunday, the 7th.  We’ll have the vintage track prepped and ready for the 6th and the trails will be open as well.