Sunday, March 29th, 2015

  Spring is in the air!  And there’s no better place to get in some “Speak Break” moto than Monster Mountain!  Full prep on our national caliber main outdoor track Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday and with partial prep (watering, fix jump faces and landings and some tilling) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Come see […]

  At Monster Mountain , we LOVE VINTAGE RACING!  It’s actually our goal to become the home of vintage MX in the South! 2015 represents a huge leap forward for our vintage motocross program.  Not only are we honored to again host two awesome Southeast Vintage MX races (on Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day […]

Come train this winter at the track RacerX’s David Pingree called “Insane”. Multi-time AMA National Champion Marty Smith called it one of the best facilities he’s ever seen. The MXA Wreckin’ Crew calls Monster “A place where dreams come true.  The only reason you’ll want to quit riding is if you’re out of gas or […]

Check it out!  In addition to the Alabama State Championship Series and the Southern Hard Core Championship Series, Monster Mountain is proud to announce we’ve been invited to participate in the 2015 Best in Georgia Series!  Our two BIG Series rounds will run on Sunday with an Alabama State Championship and Southern Hard Core Series […]

The Monster Mountain crew is proud to be honored to once again play host to an AMA Southeast Area Loretta Lynn Qualifier. Last year – the first such event at Monster in over a decade, played host to 704 entries and was described by many as one of the best amateur national qualifiers they had […]

303 Entries in 2013.  604 entries in 2014.  How many will race the 2015 edition of the Top Kid Showcase – Monster Vet Challenge?  Mark your calendars and find out! The 3rd Annual Top Kids and Vet Challenge will go down on Friday, November 6th, Saturday November 7th and Sunday November 8th! It’s the NEW TRADITION […]

  Red Alexander, David Melton and the SECCA crew always put on a first-class event.  And the SECCA riders ALWAYS LOVE THE TRAILS we prepare.  Sounds like a match made in heaven…. It is if you’re a woods racer!  And Round 7 of the 2014-2015 SECCA series is going to be no exception.  The Monster […]

What are we thankful for? A LOT!  The best part of owning Monster Mountain is the time we get to spend with our riders.  It’s an even bigger blessing when we get to spend holidays with our many friends from all over the U.S., Canada, and Latin America!  Each year we have more and more […]

  This winter’s gonna be epic at Monster Mountain!  Starting the day after Christmas, we’re open 7 days-a-week through April 3rd.  So what’s the big deal? Monster Mountain offers: some of the best dirt in all of motocross huge elevation changes great flow full prep Sat – Sun – Tues – Thurs partial prep Mon […]

Are you kidding me?  It’s already been almost a year since Monster brought back “The Top Kid Showcase” and added the “Monster Vet Challenge”!  Yep.  Last year’s event was a smash hit.  The 2nd Annual Top Kid Showcase and Monster Vet Challenge is gonna be even better! Stay tuned for full event details!   RV […]